Al's Pals

Al’s Pals line-up consists of Alan Wiseman, (rhythm and lead guitar); George Vassallo, (lead guitar); Ken McIntyre, (percussion); Paul Walker, (vocals and rhythm guitar); Raelz Gebhardt, (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Willem Brilleman, (bass guitar).

Background: Group started out over ten years ago as friends, just getting together to jam. Some folk moved on, whilst others stayed. This has resulted in the current line-up.

Although regularly meeting and sharing great musical times, eventually there were requests to ‘showcase’ what we got up to! This resulted getting together, then and still, in public and private venues to accommodate.

We always strive to present variety within these performances. This with songs all will be familiar with, then those a little more unusual. People seem to like hearing nostalgic pieces which evoke memories in their lives.

Over the years there has been some competitions won and trophies awarded by individual performances. However, there is definitely no competition within our band – all friends, always will be and to share our fun and music is the ultimate.

Alan Wiseman Ken McIntyre
Al, George and Ken


Paul Walker Raelz Willem
Paul, Raelz and Willem