Brendan originally came from New Zealand. He worked and sang in Western Australia for a number of years, but has moved to Adelaide, SA. He also spent some time at the Gold Coast.

For several years he appeared at the Woolshed, Hinley Street, every Thursday.

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Moving from the gold fields of Kalgoorlie to Adelaide to further his musical career, Brendan has certainly made the most of the transition by recently winning the 2004 South Australian Country Song of the Year, with 'I'd love you still.'

His debut album' A Country Singers Dream' written by Brendan, is a reflection of his Time spent in the sometimes hard place of the Western Australian goldfields and the Ups and downs of everyday life. The album offers superb variation from the feel good Country Rock tune 'All The Right Bumps' to his award winning ballad 'I'd Love You Still'.

Over the years Brendan has played support to some of the big country names such as Don McLean, Lee Kernaghan, James Blundell, to name a few. As a kid growing up Brendan's influences range from a number of artists spanning from the more Traditional artists like Kenny Rogers, and Slim Dusty, to the more upbeat country Artists of today like Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.

A finalist in the Toyota Star Maker at Tamworth Brendan enjoys performing a wide Range of covers ranging from Lee Kernaghan, Garth Brooks to the more pop/rock Style music of John Couger and MatchBox 20.

2005 will be a big year for Brendan, as he takes his country show to every corner of South Australia and beyond, as well as completing the production of his film clip for 'All The Right Bumps' . During the year there are also plans to head back to the studio To record his second much-awaited album.

"Country music is my life. I've been performing country music for half of my life and I want to do it for the rest of my life…….Hell I want to do it forever."

With a great selection of covers and originals accompanied by Brendan's strong Country vocals, Brendan has both the material and experience to perform to a variety of audiences for any occasion.

But above all it's Brendan's enthusiasm, energy and sheer enjoyment for the thing he loves doing that makes him a standout performer at any country event.

Brendan at the Adelaide Country Music Club July 2004

Showcase 2004 APRA SA Country Song of the Year Award Modern Section first place presentaion to Brendan by Wally Sparrow

(pictures by I Fisk)