Bluegrass Junction

About Bluegrass Junction

Bluegrass Junction is South Australia's premier bluegrass band.

The Adelaide-based 'Junction' comprises musicians who share a lifetime's passion for the music, combining exciting instrumental skills with strong, three-part harmonies driven by the foot-tapping rhythm of an acoustic bass. The band offers a tightly crafted repertoire of traditional songs arranged with reference to the original master versions.

The band comprises Trevor Warner, Nick Cawthorne and the Bridgland brothers, Geoff and John, with guest bassist, Quinton Dunne. Trevor was three times Australian bluegrass banjo champion but now he fronts the band as a superb bluegrass fiddler. Nick, one of South Australia's best bluegrass guitarists, drives the rhythm on guitar, complemented by Geoff on banjo and John on mandolin. It's all held tightly together by Quinton on acoustic bass.

Trevor and Nick share lead vocals, providing a refreshing variety of songs, and John adds tenor harmony to get that 'high, lonesome sound' that characterises traditional bluegrass.

Bluegrass Junction was formed in 1997. However, the band's roots go back decades earlier. One reason for its extensive song repertoire and tight sound is the fact that Trevor, Nick and Geoff and John all have played bluegrass in various Adelaide band configurations for more than 30 years. Often these four shared places in each others' groups before formally creating BJ in 1997. The result, an almost intuitive understanding of each other’s approach to playing and singing, is what gives Bluegrass Junction that 'special edge'.

The Junction prides itself on its interpretations of the great bluegrass standards written in the 1950s and 1960s by the masters of the genre. They include songs and tunes by US bluegrass legend Bill Monroe (famous for his mandolin-and-fiddle-focused repertoire); Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs; Jimmy Martin (whose brief teaming-up with Monroe created a legendary repository of songs); and Ralph Stanley whose devotion to his ‘mountain music’ has lasted more than 50 years. Bluegrass Junction also has a special fondness for the tunes of Monroe's long-time fiddler, Kenny Baker, whose many instrumentals created musical landmarks as Monroe’s bluegrass reached its style pinnacle in the 1960s and 1970s.

Crafting their interpretation of what they describe as 'the best music in the world', these musicians love what they do and it shows.

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Trev Warner: 0419 814 251 or 08 8337 4200 or trevwarner44[at]
Trev Warner's website
COPY/PHOTOS: John Bridgland: 08 8211 8766

picture by Paul Thompson June 2008 see more of Paul's pictures of Bluegrass Juncion here

Trev, Geoff and John Taken Jan 1 2007 sent by John

Trevor, John, Nick and Geoff pictures by Paul Thompson April 2008 - see more of Paul's pictures of Bluegrass Juncion here

At Folk Centre May 27, 2006

by Mary Brettell, Brisbane, at Redlands Bluegrass Convention, July, 2008 (photo by ?)

Bluegrass Junction at the SA Folk Centre 11th October 2008 - Nick, Trevor, John, Geoff, James

at the Folk Centre Oct 10, 2009 - Bass player Josh Verco

Stephen Loss
joined the band in 2015/6 (photo taken at the Hillbilly Hoot Nov 2016)

unless noted otherwise, pictures by Ian Fisk