Blue Bush Band

Band members ---- Victoria Von Bertouch, Darren Schubert, Anthony Noll, Dean Schubert and Trevor Kranz

Contact No’s -08 8540 5020 or 0429 405 020

Blue Bush is a band of five experienced musicians with many years of band playing behind them. We all play in different bands and group together for special occasions such as the Blanchetown Country Music Campout. Our style of music is:- Country Ballads, Country, Country Blues and Country rock, ranging from the sixty’s to present day songs incorporating Australian and American styles. We all sing solo and harmonies as a group and end up with a unique sound of our own. Our group formed together in the mid ninety’s for a special Melodrama and was so popular with the audience that we have stayed together for special occasions, enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of fun performing.


Victoria Von Bertouch (“Tor’s”)
Tor’s is the glamour section of the band, performs keyboard and vocals. She has played and enjoyed music all her life and has had a lot of fun playing in the group. She currently teaches music at Kapunda High School and performs in local music productions in the Barossa Valley. She loves teaching school children to keep the next generation going, enjoys all kind of music particularly Root’s/ Blues and fun with Blue Bush.

Photo by I Fisk at Bungaree Stn Aug 2008

Darren Schubert (“Spider”)
Spider is our percussion section who keeps us in the correct timing. He drums, sings solo vocals and falsetto harmonies. He is a devoted muso’ and is currently drumming and singing in three different bands ---Flyzyes---Barking Ants and Blue Bush. Looking after his vineyard and playing music at night keeps him very busy. When he relaxes he is usually listening to other rock bands, racing go-carts shining up his Statesman and fun with Blue Bush.

Photo by Frank Baker at Blanchetown 2007

Anthony Noll (“Ferdy”)
Ferdy is our bass player who keeps the bottom end of our band in focus. He also sings solo vocals and harmonies. He has played bass for over thirty years in four different bands, Road Runners, Blue Bush, Limestone Country and Limestone Balladeers. Ferdy enjoys all types of country music--rock—blues and fun we have with Blue Bush. He is a grape grower and enjoys mixed farming. He is very involved with C.F.S. activities:- relaxes with go-carts, 4x4 driving and sailing.

Photo by I Fisk at Bungaree Stn Aug 2008

Dean Schubert (“Deano”)
Deano is our lead guitarist and fits rifts in places to fill the rhythm and instrumentals. He sings solo vocals and harmonies, plus keeping his son, our drummer in order!! He has played in bands for over forty years. Started playing for woolshed dances and parties. Got involved with rock & roll music and his claim to fame was with the band ‘Chosen Few’ and won the S-Aust. Battle of the bands comp. in the sixties and third place in the nationals. Other bands were ‘Raw Strength And Courage’, ‘Outcasts’, ‘Wind Ward Beat’ and currently Blue Bush and Limestone Balladeers. Deano is a grape grower and manages this with his family. Relaxes with sailing, 4x4 driving and is currently the chairman of the Blanchetown Country Music Campout committee.

Photo by I Fisk at Kapunda CM for Cancer show Aug 2008

Trevor Kranz (“Kranzy”)
Kranzy keeps the rhythm part of the band flowing with his 6 or 12string guitar and sings solo and harmonies. He has played in bands for over forty years and taught guitar music through the education department primary schools, grades four to seven for twenty years with much enjoyment. Started playing for woolshed and hall dances and played in various bands and groups over those years, naming—Road Runners—Windward Beat—Blue Bush—Limestone Country— Limestone Balladeers and several country gospel groups with brother-in-laws Rodney & Ferdy Noll. An engineer by trade, but currently retired on the family farm, enjoy playing golf, fishing, 4x4 driving and all types of music, especially playing with the Blue Bush band.

Photo by I Fisk at Bungaree Stn Aug 2008

At Blanchtown Oct 2004
Picture by I Fisk

at Bungaree Station with substitute drummer Ben Furnell Picture by I Fisk