Lee Brocky

Lee lives and breathes music. It is an essential ingredient in his life.

It is how he can express his thoughts & ideas, in one of the most accessible forms of art.

To be able to share his artistic views in song writing, and perform the same songs to an audience is a great adventure. One that takes Lee to many varied venues and locations in Australia, and with the aid of his recordings his music also reaches the overseas market. The early part of this journey has taken Lee to many festivals, where he has been awarded for his hard work.

He is a former winner in the Male Section of the Victorian Champion of Champions, held in Mildura. The song that was performed was called Dreamer. This was a tribute to his song writing ability, and the first song that he wrote in a country genre.

Lee continues to refine his song writing and recordings to reflect what he is trying to achieve in his music. Lee hopes that each song can be captured so the listener can follow the journey he is on, both musically and personally.

He has also travelled to Tamworth, to the heart of Australian country music. During this time he enjoyed the company of great performers, and had great feedback on his own performances.

Lee performs with the band Outback Overdrive, musicians who continue to grow with Lee's journey and his songs. They frequently play for charity shows for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and the Cancer Foundation.  As individuals the members have won various awards, and are highly regarded in industry.

Lee endeavours to create music that can continue to change and grow, in the same way his own life does.

Outback Overdrive continue to perform at many venues including Country Music Clubs, Music Festivals and Agricultural Shows.

Lee has released two CD’s Memory Lane & Upside Down.

Lee can be contacted on his Facebook page or Mob 0438 712 234

Outback Overdrive are:
Lee Brocky - guitar and vocals
Tony Ross – Drums & Backing Vocals
Hugh Rudham – Acoustic, Keyboard & Backing Vocals
Malcolm Potts – Bass

Lee Brocky 2014 

Lee Brocky Drum kit 2014

Outback Overdrive

Outback Overdrive at the Willaston Country Music Club
All photos sent by Lee in May 2014