Val Brook

VAL BROOK was 17 years old when she started singing with a big dance band at the Bay Town Hall in Glenelg every Wednesday and Saturday nights. A wonderful and thrilling experience for a young singer.

She moved on eventually and sang at various hotels and clubs around Adelaide, enjoying the thriving music scene.

Her move to the Gold Coast was a marvellous time of performing with many different bands and orchestras. Val appeared on television as ‘Queensland’s Star of the Week’ accompanied by some fabulous Australian musicians and performers.

On returning to Adelaide after 2 years on the Gold Coast she then picked up where she left off in Adelaide, then eventually retired with throat problems.

She has now returned to the music scene and is loving every minute of it.

Val at the Railroad CM Club June 2009

Heather, Carole Sturtzel and Val and Wild Oats (Dave, Scotty and Wayne)
at the Railroad CM Club June 2009
Photos by I Fisk