City Cowboys

City Cowboys

The amazing City Cowboys is a good time 4 piece country band.

The band is made up of drums, guitar, bass, piano & harmonica.

They focus on getting and keeping people on the dance floor having a good fun time.

Harmonies are one of their strong points.

Also known as the Rock band ‘Big Picture’

Contact persons for City Cowboys:  Peter Symons, band leader on 0468 339 662 or Bill Clarke - 8234 1692

The Band members are:-

Peter Symons (Boogie Man) :- vocals, electric piano and harmonica

He has worked with successful bands in Adelaide, such as “Flight” and many other known acts and has a sound knowledge of the music industry and its requirements. Peter gives the band a great feel on keyboards and harmonica which gives the band many colours in light and shades.

picture taken at the Kilburn RSL Oct 2006

Bill Clarke - Drums

Bill has worked as a drummer with many Rock, Blues and Cabaret bands in the 60's and 70's namely "Ramrods", "The Others" with Ian Nancarrow and "Reeb" with his brother Graham. His first gig was in 1959 at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel at the back beer garden one Saturday afternoon.

Bill has also worked with country music bands like "Company Blue" ( Rick Adams), "Big Mal Rice Band", "Ray Moore Band", "Country Mile", and "Jim Hermel Band" to name a few. Bill has also backed many of Adelaide's top country music artists and toured South Australia with Reg Lindsay in the 80's.

Bill loves to entertain and plays drums with a solid, no fuss, driving beat.

Bill Clarke

Joe Griffa:- Guitar, also plays piano, trumpet and drums!

He has a vast range of musical gifts as a performer, not only a competent guitarist but also good vocalist with the ability to play piano, trumpet and drums to give the band a versatile feel.

Joe has worked with the duo called “Then There Were Two” successfully playing gigs in and around Adelaide.

Jay Lindblom:- Bass Guitar

Jay also worked with many bands such as the ten piece band “The Fabulous Hit Men” and earlier with “Yellowstone Park”.

Jay has also been a solo artist in and around Adelaide on bass and vocals. Jay knows what it takes to be a performer in the music industry having worked in floor shows such as Niel Diamond and Elvis Presley.

He gives the band driving bass and back up vocals.

Jay Lindblom

City Cowboys at the Kilburn RSL Jan 31 2016