Doug Dayman

Words with Doug's first CD

"Doug and I have been friends for 37 years, and it is with pleasure I write these notes for his debut album. Doug was born into a farming family in 1928, this occupation has taken care of his working life. Educated at Wallaroo and Kadina High Schools, the late Rocky Page and Doug attended the same classes. He was given his first guitar by his parents on his 21st birthday and has played and sang country music ever since. His dedication has been strong. (Even took his guitar on his honeymoon). Married Dorothy in 1951, and even entered "Australia's Amateur Hour" on his honeymoon, Billed as "The Hillbilly Honeymooner from Wallaroo".

Doug raised a family of two sons a daughter. Doug has entertained locally and around campfires etc throughout the North and West. As you can see, Doug is a genuine Australian Countryman. We were talking recently about old times, he said when he first started singing he was called a Hillbilly. Now he considers himself a regurgitated, reconstituted, recycled hillbilly turned Country and Western Artist. Doug got a great deal of enjoyment putting out his first CD especial, the No 1 track his own composition (The Inland of Australia), this was written to encourage people to travel the outback of Australia and capture her beauty.

Finally I would like to thank Doug for giving me the opportunity and pleasure of compiling these notes and wish you every success with this CD. Backed up with the calibre of producer and musician such as Nev Molloy, success is on it's way I am sure.

Noel Smith"

Doug can be contacted at:-
Ph: 08 8825 2448
Box 19,
Wallaroo, SA 5556

Doug at Hugo's Dec 2005
Picture by I Fisk