Sara Downs


Sara Downs was the 2002 South Australian Under 16 Champion and Junior Champion of Champions.

Sara is a multi talented musician who is wowing people across Australia in her quest for a successful career in the music industry.

Composing songs and music since the age of thirteen, Sara entered and won her first song writing competition at the Annual CCMA Junior Winter Talent Quest held at Tamworth in 2002.

Earlier another original composition was placed on the "OFF THE COUCH" promotional CD (not for public sale this CD was sent to music industry/radio and record producers to encourage them to attend "off the couch" in April).

Being the reicipient of the inaugural Cindy Shelton Scholarship gained Sara entry to the Camerata Youth College at Tamworth in 2002. This gave Sara the opportunity to study along side some of todays outstanding young talent from across Australia and New Zealand.

An invitation to perform at the 2002 SACCM Showcase has only added to what has been a very successful and happy year for this young South Australian achiever.

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