Travers T Hammond

You could almost call TRAVERS TEX.HAMMOND a Jack Of All Trades, but he's certainly a master of quite a few. He's a silver-haired warm-voiced Australian story-teller, a bush balladeer and classic country singer with the ability to ring the ranges with a full throated yodel. He's a fine songwriter with the ability to make Australia's history come alive with great pioneering stories.

But that's not the only string to this entertainer's bow. He's also a master whip-cracker and rope twirler. "I've been doing it practically all my life," Travers said. "It's a real cowboy act. I jump through hoops – literally!" he laughed.

Travers learned the Cowboy trade from his American mentor, B-movie star and producer DENVER DIXON. "I met Denver when I was about eighteen. He came out to Australia to promote the Western movies m the cinema. He'd ride around town cracking whips and twirling the rope to get folk interested in the movie showing at the time."

Travers (born Travis) got his name from Denver. The American's laid-back drawl stretched out the name and after a while it stuck. The 'Tex' was added by fans to whom every cowboy 'just must be a Texan.'

Travers is currently fundraising for the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, appearing anywhere and everywhere a venue will have him. He appeared recently the Lang Lang Farm Expo where the farmers, already familiar with ropes and whips were very impressed.

It is a far from the early days of travelling tent shows where with BIG CHIEF LITTLE WOLF – an authentic Navajo Indian wrestler – they put on a real Cowboys and Indians show. Often setting up right next to DUSTY, the show certainly grabbed the attention of the younger generation and 'Cowboys and Indians' was the most popular boy's game of the era.

Like the master story-teller Slim Dusty, Travers' singing style is relaxed and engaging. Among his catalogue of releases are originals and covers of the classic greats - KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, JOHNNY CASH and of course, Slim.

Travers began recording music to satisfy the demands of his fans. His own songs, such as The Snowy Mountain Scheme, The Greatest Outlaw, The Old Convict Days and Lasseter are history in song. Music Of The Past, Without You and Remember The Yodellers (original and No 2) are just a few of his tracks honouring the traditions of Australian Country Music.

He recently released a brand new CD This Was Country; a follow up to his earlier release This Country. "I don't know where we can go from there," he laughed, poking fun at the title progression. Songs on the album include six originals from his own pen and favourites; JOHNNY ASHCROFT's classic, Little Boy Lost and the Man In Black's iconic, Don't Take Your Guns To Town.

"I want to show the people that the Cowboy art is not dead," Travers said. "And if I can do that while raising money for the Royal Children's Hospital, I'm a happy man."

The above words were in the April 2007 issue of Capital News.

Travis has at least two CDs, Country is Number One and This Was Country
They are distributed in Australia by TH Records 0409 184 379

Travis lives in Langwarrin Victoria
He can be contacted on 03 9775 6648 or 0409 184 379


Travis at Port Pirie May 2007 Pictures by I Fisk