Fiona Holliday

Fiona has been singing country music since she was a young girl and credits her love of country to her father listening to country round up of a Sunday morning at time she remembers with great fondness

Fiona didn't start entering singing competitions until she was in her early 20's but that didn't stop her from taking the top prize in many state competitions including Kyneton and Barmera as well as being one of the top 3 female vocal in the SA champion of champions in 2004.

Fiona is known for her bubbly stage performance her fast wit and ability to have a laugh no matter where she is or what she is singing.

Stop have a listen a laugh and a dance if you get the chance to see this versatile performer in your town ....heck even in someone else's town it wont matter to her.

Fiona is a Mt Gambier girl. Since mid 2005 she joined Wildcard. She has even been seen on stage with Adam Harvey at Hugo's Place!

She has co-written with Sandra Humphries.

Fiona is available for festivals and can be contacted by phone on (08) 8724 8786