Just Us

Suzette Raison and Bruce Clarke formed as a duo in JUNE 2000.

Both Suzette and Bruce began their musical journeys from an early age but definitely on different paths. Bruce was a little bit country while Suzette was a little bit rock and roll.

After successfully participating in many Country music talent quests Bruce turned semi professional and realised that he needed a female partner to provide balance and versatility.

Bruce spotted Suzette at her first country music talent quest in Canberra and found that this singer, keyboard and songwriter complemented his singing, songwriting and guitar presentation.

Together they are "JUST US" performing a special blend of Country, Country Rock, "nostalgia pop" and Rock n Roll.

They have performed far and wide from the "Longyard" in Tamworth to Adelaide, around southern NSW, Canberra, Sydney to the north coast of NSW and far north Queensland.

They've been asked twice to perform Bruce's song "The Black Opal" along with the National Anthem at the start of the prestigious horserace in Canberra. They have received praise for their September 11th song, 'The World is with you America' from officials of the United States Embassy in Canberra and were invited to perform, among other own compositions, Bruce's song titled, "Pauline's Muster" at the Bungendore Country Muster in February 2003. "Pauline's Muster" tells of events that took place at the Muster the year before.

Suzette and Bruce are in the process of releasing their debut six-track EP The Simple Things in Life'.

Like many, their ambition, through performing, recording and writing is to succeed in the music industry and have a bit of fun along the way.

After three years working and performing around the Snowy River Region they headed to North Queensland to do private and club gigs. "Just Us" were regulars at the Innisfail RSL.

Now Suzette and Bruce have set up 'digs' in Suzettes' home-town of Adelaide and are eager to immerse themselves in city's world-renowned cultural scene. They look forward to going 'bush' in South Australia and are eager to perform for county people.

Their 4hr plus gigs "JUST US" play a mixture of Country, Country Rock and Nostalgia Pop (from the 60's 'till now) and supported by mini disc backing and sound engineer when required.

Please contact BC Media and Entertainment regarding bookings.

Contact them on Mob: 0411 484 186

Bruce and Suzette

Bruce at Southern CM Club April 2006

Bruce at Southern CM Club April 2006

Pictures at SCMC by I Fisk