A Furry Tail

Once Upon a time, in the little town of Tabbita (40 km west of Griffith), Grant and two of his friends stayed up all night and wrote a song called Let's Get A Cow.

The next day, flushed with success (and the song), Grant created the Tabbita Record Company. The year was 1981 and Let's Get A Cow became Tabbita's first single release.

Since then, Let's Get A Cow has appeared on One Foot In The Bidgee (Luhrs and Crawford), You Gotta Laugh! (Grant and the Chook Raffle Band), and has been recorded by Lester Coombs, Chad Morgan, The Victorian Police Band and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra!

Grant was living in Griffith in 1981, performing solo in a Chinese Restaurant where the food was as good as his singing! In 1982 he moved to Wagga Wagga, established The Flying Fox Recording Studio and teamed up with Hugh Crawford.

Many songs were written: The Longyard Hotel written by Grant won the Longyard Song Competition in 1985. Grant has been to every Tamworth Country Music Festival since then, performing almost exclusively at the Longyard.

Luhrs and Crawford released One Foot In The Bidgee in 1987. It featured Two Old Ladies Dancing, Stealing My Heart (also recorded by Jimmy Little) and Matilda. The title track became a theme song for Wagga Wagga.

Midnight In Paradise was released through BMG in 1990. It gained Luhrs and Crawford two final five Gold Guitar nominations in 1991and an ARIA nomination the same year. Since 1991 Grant has pursued his solo career, performing at major festivals and recording many more albums.

Men Without Shoes was released in 1992. The controversial title track was taken off air at one stage but still managed to gain award nominations.

Festival Records released Campfire in 1995. It enjoyed much success with Heart Of The Night making it to Number Six on the National Country Music Charts.

You Gotta Laugh! was released in 1997 (through EMI) and featured Nude Bootscootin' which spent a number of weeks on the charts at Number One. It was taken off air by one radio station but still became Ian McNamara's (Australia All Over) 1997 Song Of The Year. It also took Grant and the Chook Raffle Band to the River Island Retreat in February of 1998 to perform the song to 64 nude line dancers, creating the World's First Nude Boot scooting Record.

You Gotta Laugh! also featured It's Hard To Be A Poodle By Your Side, Always Someone Bigger, The Great Australian Yobbo and Off Like A Dog Shot In The Arse.

A compilation album called Pick Of The Bunch was released in 1999. It featured the best songs off the first four albums.

Grant and the Chook Raffle Band was having so much fun with the comedy songs they decided to release Life Aint So Bad In The Doghouse. Songs like My Shed's Turned Malignant, Aussie Rap, Everybody's Got Their Own Way Of Doing It and Didyabringyagrogalong have caused major giggles around Australia.

And then it was time to get serious again with Another Story(click for a details (pdf file))

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Grant at Mildura 2001
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