Maryanne in Tamworth 2008

Apparently I have been able to sing and remember the words to songs since I learned to talk according to my mother.  Most of my family are musical, one of my brothers was a bass player in a band for a few years but the others mainly kept their talents for family occasions where we would all sing together.  I was the only one who pursued it further but even then I waited until I was 27 before deciding to ‘get out there and display my talents’.  After raising a family of 4 children, I knew that if I didn’t do something about it then, I never would.  So I enlisted the help of a chap by the name of Ken Arnold to help me.  He asked me to join a cabaret show and thus launched my musical career.  During the next year I gathered a collection of backing tapes and became a solo artist, using those tapes!   I then worked the next 4 years solo before being asked to fill in for a band in Pt Lincoln one night as they had lost their singer for the evening (no other than our very own Dave Prior)!  Well, that gave me the taste for working in a band!  A year later, we moved to Gladstone and I was asked to audition to be a backing singer in one of the bands there.  After the audition it was decided that they had a new singer and that was me!  After about 6 months of combining country and contempory we decided to focus on country and changed the name of the band, and Maryanne & Co was born!

Maryanne & Co have played many quality venues and with a wide range of artists.  Some of our more prominent gigs have included playing for The South Australian Tourism Awards, The Olympic Torch Ceremony and The Year of the Outback Cattle Drive. We have also been support act for Lee Kernaghan, Gina Jefferies, Craig Giles, Johnny Mac and Slim Dusty (at one of his last major concerts) as well as working with many prominent artists around the country.  For the last 9 years, Maryanne & Co have had a standing gig at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and play for the entire 10 days of the Festival.  The debut album ‘Table for Two’ was released in January 06 and has been very popular.  I had hoped to go into the recording studio again, as I have written a few songs, but sadly after 16 years the band was put to rest. 

Although I no longer have the band, I haven’t lost my love of singing and have been booked for a few solo spots which I am looking forward to.  I may even look at starting a duo in the near future.

My music has brought a great deal of pleasure into my life and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to share with this pleasure with so many others and to have worked with some very talented people in the process.

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Picture sent by Maryanne in July 2009

Dion, Maryanne, Brad and Tony

At Kilburn RSL Nov 2005 Pictures by I Fisk