The Miller Country Band has been an institution in the state of South Australia for over 23 years now. It takes dedication and a strong love of music for a band to stay together for this period of time and still steadily increase their fan base. When one looks at the core of the band, Peter and Margi Miller, it is easy to see the love they have for each other and the music they play and to understand the reason for the band's continued success.

The Miller Band formed in Newcastle in 1975 and was an instant success in the eastern states and South Australia. Over that period of time they have produced 3 very successful country albums and are currently (1998) preparing to go back into the studio and record with Adelaide based Cross Country Records.

Peter Miller started his musical career on piano at age 8 and progressed from there to guitar at 16. He purchased his pedal steel guitar in 1972 and it was at this point the legend commenced. Peter is one of the most dedicated musicians in the industry and spends a large proportion of his time helping others develop careers in the industry, and to help organisations produce shows. He works as a musician, music teacher, record producer, industry adviser, producer of shows and a general anchor and friend to anybody in the industry who needs his help. With the help of Cindy Shelton he organized and ran the Southern Music Festival for 2 years. This was the first major event of its kind organized on this state.

In 1993 he was elected to the steering committee that formed the SA Council for Country Music and then joined the Board of the Council for around 7 years. During this time he was the Showcase Musical Director and a great mentor to our young artists. He also was the Musical Director and Logistics Manager for the two legendary Santos Moomba trips

Many of the critics would say that Margi Miller has the strongest voice in the state when it comes to country music. There is no doubt that she has a special gift when it comes to adding a touch of blues to country music. One might say that Margi's greatest attribute is that she puts up with Peter, however, she has been a leading vocalist and bass player for over 25 years There are very few country recordings made in S.A. that haven't got Margi Miller playing bass and singing harmonies on them. Margi also has a great love of people and it is this attribute that enables her to support her husband, Peter and to work beside him helping others in the industry. Like Peter, Margi Miller has been very influential in the development of the industry in S.A. and is a friend and mentor to all in it.

Most of the above is from the Souvenir Program of the 20th S.A. Country Music Festival & Awards in the Riverland 1998 when Peter and Margi Miller were inductees to Rocky's Country Music Hall of Fame. Some words were added Nov 2005 from a speech given when it was announced that Peter was the recipient of the 2005 SACCM Industry Award at SACCM Showcase 2005 Nov 19th. Wally Sparrow wrote the words and accepted the award on Peter's behalf. See the picture of the award below.


The Millers accompanying Norma O'Hara Murphy at Canine Association Hall April 2000

Peter as part of Tuscadero in April 2005 in the Semaphore Music Festival at the Semaphore Workers Club

(pictures by I Fisk)

Peter and Margi at Blackwood RSL Sept 2007
Pictures by Frank Baker