Danielle Mowbray

  • Born in Adelaide on September 8th 1972
  • I grew up in the house my parents still live in at Banksia Park (Tea Tree Gully)
  • I attended Banksia Park Junior Primary, Primary and High Schools.
  • I began playing the viola in grade 3 at primary school
  • Played the Viola in the Festival of Music SA orchestra in both grade 6 and grade 7.
  • I always loved to sing when I was at home alone, especially to mum and dad's old 50s rock and roll and I shared their love for country music artists Kenny Rogers and Olivia Newton-John's first album. I also remember stealing my friend's older sisters Dolly Parton records to play when she was out; we knew every word to Jolene. The lounge room curtains made an excellent stage and it was years before I was informed that the neighbours often listened to every word I sang.
  • While I was involved with my music, I was also doing calisthenics, jazz and modern ballet and playing netball.
  • I began singing in when I was 14 by accident, the teachers thought I could sing well and encouraged me to do more. In less then 1 year I ceased playing the viola, especially as at the age of 14 it was so uncool to play a string instrument!
  • I was an exchange student to Norway for one year at the age of 16. During this time I sang the national anthem more times than I can count, and was often invited to sing at school concerts and on field trips with other exchange students.
  • When I returned from Norway and returned to school, I began having voice lessons with Mr John Crossing. John then became my friend, my teacher and my mentor.
  • John taught me and supported me with everything. He would drive me to exams, auditions, school based assessments, encourage me, support me, push me and was always there for me.
  • John often tried to get me to become involved in country music performing but my self-esteem was a huge hindrance and often held me back from trying new things.
  • Throughout high school I sang with the jazz band, solo, and performed at lunchtime, school and open house concerts.
  • I successfully completed the jazz course at Banksia Park High School, year 12 PES music performance and theory.
  • John supported me to audition for the University of SA Music course, I was successful but my self-esteem became a barrier and I later changed to a Bachelor of Social Work as I did not believe I was good enough to sing at University level.
  • John Crossing and I remained close and he would support me to sing in weddings and other small opportunities.
    John died from pancreatic cancer when I was 22 years old and I was devastated, I did not sing much for several years until I was working at a hotel that started having karaoke in the front bar on Friday evenings.
  • When my hotel managers discovered I could sing they offered me no rostered shifts on Friday nights, on the condition I came in and performed any songs the locals requested from me.
  • I then started singing at the Lutheran church I had attended Sunday School at on Sunday mornings with the contemporary band. I continued this for almost 3 years, the experience was great.
  • My dad's family is all from Beachport and I had been travelling to the southeast since I was a child to visit my grandparents and uncle. It was no surprise to anyone that I decided to move to the south east when I was 25 years old.
  • Not long after moving to the country I experienced approximately 4 years of extremely bad health, these conditions, combined with medication created a weight gain of almost 60 kgs in a very short space of time. This certainly did no justice for my self-esteem!
  • One evening while messing around at a Karaoke competition I was approached by some members of south East Country Music Association who suggested I come along to club days. It took me three months to have the confidence to contact them and attend.
  • Walk-ups, Club Days, Festivals and talent quests were all new to me, but now almost 4 years later, I am loving them all. Understanding the process, chord charts, bands, politics and what's around and what you can become involved in is something I learn more about every day.
  • In June 2002 I won my first country music award.
  • Since then I have entered most of the available South Australian competitions.
  • I have qualified to compete at SA Champion of Champions for the past 3 years, this year I made the top 3.
  • I entered my first Victorian competition in Mildura 2005 and was overjoyed to qualify for Victorian Champion of Champions and place in the top 3!
  • I have returned to playing my guitar and hope to support myself on stage soon. I take any opportunity to further develop my skills at both Millicent and Mt Gambier club days.
  • I would love to improve the status and recognition of country music in the lower south east of South Australia, through positive media and increased opportunities in any way I can.
  • I have been invited to be a guest artist at several clubs now and have performed at numerous charity events.
  • Hope to continue "getting myself out there, improving my skills and developing the courage to perform some original songs at some stage in the future.
  • I love Country Music, I love to sing and perform and most of all I love to see others get pleasure and enjoyment out of something I am so passionate about!


Danielle at Champion of Champions July 2004

Danielle at Adelaide Counry Music Club with Urban Sound October 2004
(pictures by I Fisk)

Danielle with some of awards she recently won at the Blue Lake City Muster 2005
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Danielle and Mahalia Fox at Murraylands 2005 they won 3rd prize in the Duo
Danielle won 2nd prize in the Gospel, and 2nd in Open Female All results here

Danielle at Mildura 2005