Murphy's Law

The band was reincarnated as The Cowtippers in 2006.

The members of Murphy's Law have been getting together and playing music at various sessions and festivals for over three years.

During one such session outside the Francis Pub when joined by accordionist Albert Coluano and young fiddler Matt Pittman, they resolved to get together as a band.

Dave Heslop on guitar and banjo; Rick Hunt on guitar and banjo; Henk Groot on guitar and fiddle were also often joined by John Francis on guitar and mandolin.

They play a diverse range of music; Aussie bush, Irish and American folk; Tex Mex Cajun as well as country.

Hank Williams, Merle Haggard are influences and of course Blue Grass bands such as The Stanley Brothers.

Anything can happen under Murphy's Law but the music makes it right.

Information as supplied by Henk Groot.

Henk can be contacted in Mannum at 08 8569 2393

At Country Music for Cancer June 26 2005 Picture by Trev Wynniat
Henk at Hank's Birthday Party Oct 2004
(picture by I Fisk)

John Francis June 2005
(picture by Frank Baker)

Rick Hunt
Dave Heslop
Albert Coluano
Matt Pittman
Pictures taken at Country Music for Cancer Jun 26 2005 by Trev Wynniat