Mystic Blue

A SE group Composed of the following:-

Brian Howell on rhythm guitar (Brian is also a member of the "Rough Country" band. He has been playing in the region for well over 35 years. Brian has written several songs, and recently won third place in the SA APRA song writing awards for his song, "Truckies Diners". Brian was president of the SE CM Association in 2001. Sadly Brian passed away on Sunday 26 September 2010.

Len O'Connor:- Bass, Vocals/harmonies Len began his career as rhythm  guitarist in a church social band in the 60’s and played in various bands in Victoria on the hotel circuit. In 1972 he toured with Johnny O’Keefe and played bass on J.O.K’s Festival records album release ‘Johnny B Goode’. He also toured with Chad Morgan, producing and arranging Chad’s album They Call Me The Sheik, for which he also wrote the songs ‘Morgan Magic’ and ‘She’s Got Over You’. Also see Len's page here.

Bill Towner:- piano also playes in Acord

Ron Shelton:- drums who also plays drums with Humdinger

Bev & Jacinta:- lead & harmony vocals

More info when supplied.

Information taken from Millicent Country Music Association Inc June? Newsletter(supplied to I Fisk by Frank Baker June 20 2005) more information and pictures when supplied! more info from ananonymous source!

Contact Info:- Brian at Mt Gambier on (08) 8725 4185

Brian (picture from Trev Wynniat)

Len (picture by I Fisk Feb 2005)
Bill Towner
Ron Shelton
Above two pictures taken at Country Music for Cancer June 26, 2005 by Trev Wynniat