Paul Orchard

Paul first picked up a set of drumsticks at the age of 18 and began his musical career in the 1980’s playing in various rock and rhythm and blues bands around Adelaide.

It was from 1991 to 1997 that saw the start of Paul’s country music career, joining Roger Redpath’s country band ‘No Way Out’.

During this time Paul gained experience playing at various Country Music Festivals backing many well known artists including Felicity, Carol Sturtzel and Craig Giles.  

In 1999 Paul looked to broaden his musical knowledge and began studying Commercial Music (Performance). It was through this move that he was asked to join the original formation (and subsequently the reformed) Jessie Ché Band.

Since 2001 Paul has had the opportunity to play drums with the South Australian Showcase as well as the SA Champion of Champions backing bands. He has also provided backing for Trevor Warner, Stuie & Camille, The Davidson Brothers, Alison Hams and Mark Tempany at the 2006 and 2007 Riverland SA Country Music Festivals.

As well as his regular spot with the Jessie Ché Band,  Paul also freelances with many other SA County Music artists and has recently been providing drums and percussion for successful family band ‘The Sherrahs’.  

You can contact Paul via email or phone.
Email: or Ph: 0437 329 922

picture from Jessie Che Band site!