Ricky Poole

sadly Ricky passed away approx 2012.

Ricky Poole / Vocals, Guitar, Bass guitar, Harps, keyboards, Banjo

Has been involved in country music for many years, performing alongside Australia’s best i.e. Kasey Chambers, Lee Kernaghan, Jina Jeffery’s’ the Wolverines, Jimmy Little, Alison Durbin, , Johnny Chester to mention a few.

He has supported international artists i.e. Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Mr. Tom T Hall and others, either as a support act or part of the backing line up.

Ricky is a recognized song writer/recording artist & director, he has been founding member for many of S.A.’s top country bands i.e. El Dorado, Texas Bash, Both Barrels and the Radio Cowboys to name some.

He has been on many albums over the years & received the 2000 South Australian Music Industry Award for best country music album, and nominated for a T.I.A.R.A. award in the same year.

Ricky Pool is a member of


Other Members include:-

Dillon Poole / Drums, Percussion

Dillon started his career as a percussionist/ Drummer at the age of four years. A guest appearance on stage with his father at the Hilton Hotel playing drums, Dillon was received with great enthusiasm and wowed the audience with his extraordinary ability. He has had classical training to improve his technique, but predominantly has a natural ability beyond his years.

Dillon has performed as a backing musician with some of the local industries best, i.e. Jim Hermal, Charlie McCracken, Texas Bash Band and Radio Cowboys and is actively involved with several of his own bands.

Mike Festa / vocals, Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar

Mike Festa is one of the most motivated musicians out of the U.S.A. Anyone who knows Mike will validate his love for music and his amazing ability at mastering the Pedal Steele Guitar although he is no slouch on the lead guitar either, he has supported some of the best musicians in industry i.e. Troy Casa – Daly, Jimmy Little, Daren Cogan, Stuart French (guitar virtuoso) to mention some.

Mike has gained notoriety on the international stage having performed & toured with several artists not the least being Mr. Shakin’ Stevens in the1980’s on a world tour which included Europe, New Zealand & Australia as part of the itinerary.

Recently releasing his own self titled and recorded instrumental album “Solid Steel Country” is a must buy!! Mike demonstrates his unique style on the pedal steel guitar.

The album is proving to be a success with the hope that Mike will consider bringing out more great music in the future.

Joe (Pep) Belcaro / lead Guitar, vocals

Pep started playing guitar at age 11 years and has continued to expand his knowledge of guitar and different music styles; he is known for his ability to be performing in several bands with different influences at any given time and always delivers a high quality performance.

His current line up of band’s give credence to his desire and commitment i.e. the Elvis Presley tribute band, Memphis Suns (Rockabilly) Space Junk (Funk) and band Spoonment (covers) having classical training, Pep is an exiting and dynamic technician on the fret board with a keen interest in the local scene; he also teaches music and is employed in the industry

Pep has been part of the recording process with various bands and loves the opportunity to contribute to original compositions’ has stated that he loves a challenge and is looking forward to being part of THE POOL SHARKS.

Josh Verco /Bass guitar, trombone

Josh has had a keen interest in music from an early age, being involved with school and community bands in his home town. Interested in developing a feel for different styles he moved to Adelaide and enrolled with the Adelaide Universities Jazz program majoring in the trombone.

This is a stepping stone for Josh as he has always demonstrated a love for electric and up-right bass; it becomes apparent Josh has great potential when watching him perform with the local country Rock Group the Jessie Ché Band.

Josh is influenced by many different styles of music and musicians including Edjel Zajac, Bob Johnson as well as his piers.

Josh believes that part of his success can be attributed to his desire to listen to as many styles of music and artists that he can.

Candy Latham / Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass & Drums

Is the younger sister of the dynamic duo and has a wealth of talent for someone her age.

If there is a trophy up for grabs for best new or existing artist in any category in the country music fraternity, chances are Candy has it, she has a desire to succeed and be the best at what she does. Being involved in the country music industry sees her constantly on the circuit performing and or assisting in some way with those less experienced, this sense of generosity combined with her larger than life personality has endeared her to fans and piers alike.

As a vocalist/instrumentalist she has made numerous appearances on the S.A. Country Music Showcase in recent years and various Festivals throughout the state, and Tamworth N.S.W. (Capital Country Headquarters).

Candy states that she has made country music a lifestyle rather than a living and her talents are only limited by her own imagination, which prompts the comment: it’s only a matter of time!!