Raelz E. Gebhardt

Based on words Raelz wrote for the Adelaide Club Country Call Oct-Nov 2007 plus some Nov 08 additions

It was once said that I could sing before I could walk - that’s innumerable renditions.  Repertoire has included classical, rock ‘n’ roll, ballads, popular music, blues, jazz and naturally country music!  I have composed the occasional song as well.

Locally, in country towns and interstate have sung on radio, in competitions, (received some great trophies too), local theatres, variety shows, dances, cabarets, charity fund-raisers, parties, sing-a-longs, with bands, country music workshops, at karaoke and regular jammin’ sessions, complete with guitar of course!  Venues have included a casino, nursing homes, social clubs, country music locations, hotels, kids’ camps, (but that was a very, very, long time ago), around camp fires, (hasn’t everyone?) and even a nightclub or two.

Although once told “…don’t give up your day job ‘cause you sure can’t sing”, my enthusiasm remains, and therefore continue in an amateur status to do just that, whenever possible.  Certainly have fun performing with unsuspecting bands when I do ‘walk-ups’!

Family consists of four adult offspring and eleven grandchildren. Several have displayed talents musically, vocally and on stage in dance performances, which is a real ‘buzz’ for me.

Main interests are music, animals, baubles, classic cars and writing poetry.

For over seven years I have held membership in the Adelaide Country Music Club and look forward to sharing many more memorable times with fellow enthusiasts.

My membership with Adelaide and the Gawler Country Music Clubs has been extremely enjoyable.

For the past three years plus I have been involved with the Gawler Country Music Workshop and am Assistant Co-ordinator there. This is held on the first Saturday of each month and it’s fantastic to share time with others who have an interest in country music. My emotions soar when my singing ‘students’ get to perform in front of their peers and the feedback for them is positive. The social side is lovely as we share a cuppa, cake or chat.

Just an aside away from clubs – each fortnight I share time with a select group, guitar in hand, microphone in front and away we go with a ‘jam’ session. What fun!  Then, as if I don’t get enough musical exercise I regularly sing karaoke at certain venues. This gives me to opportunity to perform the sort of music that I can’t do anywhere else. My taste extends beyond country as I often break out into rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, blues, classics – who knows!

I’ll like to take this opportunity to mention my appreciation for all who have shown me support over those years. This definitely includes the musicians who have willingly provided musical backing for me on so many occasions.  Last but not least, for the special friendships formed, which have so enriched my life – thank you!

Raelz E. Gebhardt

Early 2009 Raelz joined the Kindred Spirit band.

Picture by I Fisk