Kimberley Rodgers

Late 2006 Kimberly married Mathew Nitschke.

Kimberley Rodgers was 19 Years of age in 2005 and is from Whyalla in South Australia. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, vocal harmoniser, bass and acoustic guitarist, and has been performing for the last eight years.

Throughout Kimberley's time as a performer, she has won over one hundred awards throughout Australia at Country Music Festival Competitions. After six years of competing, Kimberley is breaking away from Talent Quests and is concentrating on playing in professional bands and also backing bands in Talent quests. Kimberley is a permanent member in three bands, being: Graeme Hugo and Ironbark, Alison Hams and Young Country and Crossfire. Kimberley has also played in the popular bands 'The Sherrahs and Maryanne and Co'

Kimberley has also had a very successful solo career throughout her years as a performer. She has sung harmony vocals for Kasey Chambers and Adam Harvey, and has also provided harmony vocals for Kerry Ellen and the 'Radio Cowboys', as part of the 'Open Road 3' album through the ABC. Kimberley provided her guitar and vocal skills for 'Talia Wittmann' when she recorded her debut CD in 2002, and has continued to play and sing for her CD release and promotional shows.

As a solo artist and band member, Kimberley has travelled extensively throughout regional South Australia and Victoria to play to many different types of audiences for many different causes. She travels to Tamworth annually, where she performs at the South Australian Showcase, and is a regular performer on the "Hillbilly Jam" at 'The Pub', which is put on by Bill Chambers. She also travels to Lake Charlegrark, where she plays with Graeme Hugo, and also has guest spots as a solo artist.

Kimberley graduated from high school in 2002, completing year 12 with very good results. Kimberley studied music throughout her schooling and completed Year 12 Music with a very high 18 out of 20 overall score.

Currently, Kimberley is songwriting and putting compositions together for a CD, which is hopefully not too far away from commencement. Although, juggling a full time job, and music shows nearly every weekend, she is writing as much as she can in her spare time and has almost finished the material for her first CD, which will consist of mainly original songs, but a couple of cover songs also.

Kimberley is available for Country Music Festivals, clubs, private functions or fundraisers and as a solo performer, or as part of a band.

Please contact: 0407 798 266 or e-mail

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Kimberley with Troy
Kimberley with Adam Harvey
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