Greg Semmler

Greg has been involved with country music since 1968. His first performance was at the Elizabeth Motel in S.A at the 14 years of age.

In 1973, at Reynella his first group "Country Incorporated" was formed. He toured throughout S.A. and played at prisons, concerts and cabaret's, his love being the concert circuit.

The band's line up changed over the years and became mainly a family group and Greg went on to play for many years.

He said 'I think we lasted so long because we were a family group and playing the songs people wanted to hear' 'We moved to the Northern Territory, living in Alice Springs for 4 years playing at all of the local venues. We then decided to move to Canberra and changed our name to "Capital Country".

We played professionally, six nights a week and joined forces with Slim Dusty's ex guitarist Barry Thornton.

In 1979 we were invited to Tamworth, playing at various venues and secured a recording contract with CM Records at Dubbo. We toured with many overseas artists and did various recordings at the time. Yes, they were the good years.

Playing so often eventually took its toll and in early 1982 we moved back to the Barossa Valley. The band stayed together until 1992, when unfortunately my good mate and rhythm player Vern Pritchard passed away.

Playing in the group was never the same after that, but we stayed together for another 8 month's then decided that after playing for 23 years it was time to hang up the guitars.

During our time together we had recorded five cassettes and one LP.

Twelve month's down the track another group was formed, all great musicians and more up to date material. We called ourselves "Heartland" and played mostly in the Riverland and Barossa Valley.

New Year's Eve 2003 was to be my last performance with the group. I have now retired from the band scene, only doing the odd "guest artist" at a few shows throughout the year. Finally, I am pursuing my lifelong dream of having my own recording studio, SEMDIREC. My first recording is my own, which will be out in September, called "I am what I am".

I have also produced a CD "The Two Wanderers" for duo George Dobie and Eric Heintze. They are currently having their songs played on Barossa Valley radio.

I plan to promote young up and coming "country music artists", offering an affordable approach to recording. With 30 year's experience in the Country Music Industry I hope to use my experience to assist artists achieve their goals.'

Watch Out for…………"I am what I am"
To be released at the Slim Dusty Tribute Show Munno Para Bowling & Recreation Club
Sun 17th Sept 2006
For Further Details call SEMDIREC …08 8251 4982

the above is from the Gawler Country Music Club Sept Newsletter page 10


Gregg at Gawler CM Club Sept 2005
Picture by I Fisk