Paul Sheridan

If you appreciate country music in the form of a soothing ballad or plain good old country music then sit down, relax and listen to this easy listening country gentleman.

Paul's love of country music began when he lived on a farm over on Yorke Peninsula SA. His real introduction to the sound of country music happened at a very tender age as he became captivated by the music of his brother Bob's entire record collection: - Slim Dusty, Chad Morgan, Johnny Cash, Charlie Pride, and recently Alan Jackson, Lee Kernaghan, Graeme Connors, Paul Kelly etc.

The influence of these great names in Australian country music and other country music inspired Paul to take a further interest in all other forms of grass roots country styles. It also instilled in him a passion for the beauty of the bush and a wholesome appreciation for the people on the land.

This genuine understanding of country life is a legacy Paul's been fortunate to carry with him throughout his life, and it certainly shines through whenever he performs a layback rendition of a favourite song from his repertoire of country classics.

Paul Sheridan's rich and robust style is well suited to the works of Johnny Cash, Lee Kernaghan, Kenny Rogers, Slim Dusty, John Williamson, Charlie Pride to name but a few. With total commitment and an ever present calm, Paul is one of those very genuine artists who quite simply enjoys the nature of his craft.

The quietly spoken Paul and his trusty acoustic guitar have been strumming their way around the country music clubs, hotels and music festivals where his well deserved recognition is finally paying off.

Whatever the cliché, country gentleman, boy from the country or related name tag, he makes his audience feel quite at ease. Paul is available for bookings for various occasions such as feature artist, gaming rooms, restaurants, in fact there is not too many places that Paul would not play if the audience is happy to listen to his easy listening style.

If it's country music you want you'll like what Paul Sheridan has to offer.

Bookings and enquires   Tel 08-838 61682

Paul outside Southern Country Music Club Nov 2006

Paul at Southern Country Music Club Dec 2006
Pictures by I Fisk