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Words with Noel's first CD


Now and then, someone conies along, that is a dedicated Australian Bushman, but not very often you get one that can play guitar and sing Bush Ballads. One such bloke is Noel Smith, who was born at Hawker, in the Flinders Rangers in 1937. He left home in 1952 and worked as a station hand for 30/-, $3.00 a week & keep, Noels father worked a team of horses dam sinking for Syd Kidman, on such stations as Mt Norwest, Witchelina, Myrtle Springs Edicara and many more Stations, also saw Noel grow into a very handy man in Bush Craft, an expert in the making Green Hide, Ropes, Hobbles and Leg Ropes. A lot of Noels life spent in cattle Camps, sleeping on the ground in cigarette sized swag using dirty clothes for a pillow. Noel got interested in Country Music when he used to listen into an old radio carried on the Cooks Cart.

Sometimes he would climb a Mulga Tree and put up an aerial of fencing wire to pick up a Radio Station some where playing Country Music. He bought himself a guitar and had it three years before a shearer showed him how to tune it up. It wasn't long before Noel was singing songs like the ones he learned off the Radio.

Noel is a late starter in the recording game because it was only in the few years that he met up with a few recording artists that encouraged him to make a CD, So that other people could enjoy his songs. I met up with Noel in Nev Molloy's Studio in Broken Hill, when I dropped into Nevs to see about a recording date myself. I was privileged when asked to share a song of mine that Noel Was recording (One last Look). Noel said he wanted to dedicate his CD in memory of his Father and the bushman that taught him his skills in horsemanship and Bush Craft.

Noel has called his CD, my tribute to the men of the Bush. I hope you enjoy this CD as mush as I did listening to a fair dinkum Australian.

Bluey Francis."

Words with Noel's Second CD
"Nev's Notes.
This is Noel Smith's second CD with NCM Recordings and this time along with the beautiful voice of Bev Branson-it is a ripper!

Noel spent most of his early life working in the pastoral sheep and cattle county of South Australia, known as 'The Bush'. I first met Noel where he was working alongside the solid men of 'the bush' in the mustering camps.

Noel has spent many of his years performing the 'bush ballads'. Alongside Bev Noel has shown more of his true potential as a true blue country Aussie bloke.

In closing, all the best Bev and Noel with this recording and I hope the people out there who hear these songs enjoy listening to them as much as I did working with you both recording them.
Nev Molloy

Bev Branson and Noel Smith both live in the small country town of Cummins on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Bev, with her beautiful easy-Flowing voice, and Noel who is a bush balladeer, have combined together in a very unique way to make a most enjoyable album. Bev has had vast experience in the music industry over many years. She has performed singing and playing guitar on TV country shows in Adelaide and is well known throughout South Australia as a lead singer for many bands.

With songs like Good Morning Australia, Back To The Barcoo, Till The Deserts Run With Water and Walling Matilda, Bev and Noel hope everyone who takes the time to listen to this CD will get as much enjoyment out of it as they did making it.
Heather Smith"

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