Vic Sturgeon

Vic was born in a small west Australian town called Southern Cross which is situated on the line to Kalgoorlie.

He went to school at Marvel loch about 20 miles from Southern Cross later moving to Donnybrook in the South West of WA.

His father was Irish born and was a good poet, some of this rubbed off on Vic, his dad played the bagpipes and mouth organ.

The family moved up to a farm between York and Northam, called Revel stoke. Which was an historic homestead built in the early days and it had 14 rooms including a ball room where farmers used to hold dances. From there the family moved to Walliston, which is near Kalamunda in the Darling ranges about 17 miles from Perth. He went to Kent street High school for about a year and it was while he was at this school he joined the High school boys choir which performed at the Perth town hall and Boans department store in Perth.

From there Vic went to work on a farm for 18 months at a place called Corrigin, while he was there he heard a buddy Williams song called "Old Shep" being played on the radio. On a visit to Perth he bought the old 78 record. "Old Shep" was his favourite song.

He also heard Chad Morgan win the Amateur Hour on the radio with the song "The sheik from Scrubby Creek". Well that was it for Vic, he became hooked on country music. It was while working as head-stockman on a cattle and sheep station called Gifford creek that an Aboriginal chap named Jeffrey Fletcher came to work as a stockman under Vic's direction. It was Jeffrey who taught Vic to play the acoustic Guitar.

Although Vic is left Handed he was taught to play right handed, but at that time Vic had no Idea that it would hinder him a little with coordination. To this day Vic still plays right Handed.

Over the years Vic worked on Stations in the West Australian bush including Mount Augustus Station which boasts as being under the lea of the Largest known rock in the world, (Mount Augustus).

Vic has written a song and a poem about this mountain and has many accolades from the USA on this poem and others that he wrote.
Vic moved to Darwin in 1980 and lived there for 22 years.
To date Vic has written over 70 songs and just as many poems.
In 1986 Vic recorded an LP called "The Top End of Down Under".
Recently recorded a song about the 911 disaster in New York.
A song about the Port Lincoln fires of 2005,
And a song called "I'm just an old bushie at heart".
His new CD is called "High Fire Danger".
Most of the songs and poetry Vic has written and recorded is are true stories about his wanderings and happenings that occurred in the bush.
Vic will be recording more songs soon god willing.
Vic was at Barmera in 2005 for the Festival, and intends to be there in 2006.

Currently he lives at Iron Knob, South Australia
He moved from Darwin in 2002.

You can read some of his poetry online at
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Orders for his new CD are taken by email and can be payed for via direct deposit to his bank account which will be Given to you after receipt of order. Or by posting a postal money order to

Vic Sturgeon
PO box 90 Iron knob
and sending AU $20.00 per copy
This includes postage.

Vic at Hugo's May 2005 (Picture by I Fisk)