When Compass Bros Records chief Graham Thompson tagged along with country star Adam Brand to the CMAA College Of Country Music in Tamworth last January he was looking forward to hearing his friend deliver a motivational speech and catching a glimpse of the class of 2005.

The whisper in the room was that two sisters from Perth, who’d recently driven their ute across the Nullarbor to work as jillaroos near Gunnedah and attend the College in Tamworth, were among the standouts. 

Less than a week later Sophie and Celeste Clabburn…The Sunny Cowgirls… had signed a recording contract with Compass Bros, home of Brand, Melinda Schneider, Brendon Walmsley, Jim Haynes and Dianna Corcoran.

Sophie & Celeste grew up on the family farm near Hamilton in Western Victoria before moving with their family to WA.  The music of Slim Dusty and John Williamson dominated the family stereo and influenced the girls’ realisation, at the ages of 12 and 8 respectively; that their destiny was to become famous Australian country singers.

Family jam sessions, under the dubious name of ‘Big Dick and The Strummers’ (their father’s name is Richard), formed their early musical experiences.  They soon dubbed themselves ‘The Sunny Cowgirls’ and entered numerous talent quests.  Before long the lively young sisters, who had become known for belting out a mean version of the Geoff Mack classic ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’, were in demand to perform at agricultural shows and rodeos across WA.  

“There was never any question that we would sing country music”, said Sophie. “We’re from the country and share an all-consuming passion for the land and its people.  That’s what we write about…sometimes from our own experiences like when we worked as Jillaroos near Gunnedah, and sometimes about things that we’ve just dreamed up.  We can always relate to a country crowd because that’s who we are”.

Adam Brand is convinced that The Sunny Cowgirls will be popular with the traditional country crowd, so much so that he has invited them to join him on his forthcoming tours of Queensland, SA and WA.

“The Sunny Cowgirls are the real thing”, enthuses Brand. “Any fan of traditional country music and anyone who has ever driven a ute or held a can of Bundy in their hand will love them”.  

Needless to say Sophie & Celeste haven’t stopped grinning since the buzz started:  “We came across the Nullarbor excited about being accepted into College and dreaming that one day we might get a record deal. We can’t believe it has happened so quickly but we’re aware that this is a special opportunity and that the hard work is about to start.  We’re over the moon and ready to get to work.”

The Sunny Cowgirls brilliant debut album “Little Bit Rusty”, produced by Mark Donohoe at Apollo 10 studios in Perth, marks the arrival of Australia’s newest and most exiting country act.  Their songs are fresh, their sound is unashamedly country and, like sister groups before them, they harmonise in a way that only sisters can.

Compass Bros Records will release ‘Little Bit Rusty’ on April 18th through SonyBMG.

The Girls now have their own Official Website

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