The band broke up a few years ago!

Welcome to Tombstone!
Well hello there pardner! Tie your horse to the rail and step inside the saloon doors – mind them fiddles now. Tombstone String Band is brought to you by a bunch of mighty fine seasoned musicians - Jamie Baldwin (Bluegrass Junction), Terry Ford (Highly Strung), Jeri Foreman (Andrew Clermonts Supper Club), Diana Fusco (The Cowtippers) and Rick Hunt (The Cowtippers). Tombstone take bluegrass, country ballads and old time string band music and offer it up in a style that is distinctively Tombstone. With the magic created by twin fiddles alongside banjo, guitar, mandolin and double bass, Tombstone is one band you’ll kick yerself in the britches if you miss!

Doc Terry Ford.
Mountain man Doc Ford graduated from the Cornelius Flakius School of Medicine with a degree in Snake Oil and Moonshine.   Before landing in Tombstone to ply his trade, Doc Ford spent a goodly amount of time twanging his banjo (loudly) with a notorious mob of bluegrassers known as Highly Strung.  A strange coincidence worth noting is that Docs arrival in Tombstone saw a 35% increase of plot sales in the Tombstone Cemetery.   Doc brings to Tombstone his rich lead vocals, a new found love of guitar, driving banjo and harp – as well as a high mortality rate amongst his patients.

Sheriff Rick Hunt.
Before taking up the badge in Tombstone, Sheriff Rick ran with several gangs including Murphy’s Law, The Lofty Mountain Boys and Greeneye.  In more recent times, the Sheriff rode with a questionable bunch of cowpokes calling themselves The Cowtippers.   A law unto himself, the arrestingly dashing Sheriff plays an melodic style of banjo that few attempt as well as being no slouch on bluegrass guitar.

Jeri Foreman - fiddle (from Oct 2011)

Saloon Madam Diana
Diana is proud to claim that she is the only resident of Tombstone who does not play a banjo.   With twin double basses in tow (Bitch and Baby), this gal smacks out a beat in true bluegrass style as well as adding her harmonies to the mix.   After a stint in Irish band Murphy’s Law,  Diana hung up her tin whistle and took to the doghouse.  You’ll often find her hanging about the saloon bar, hoping to be arrested.   She ran with the Sheriff back in the ol’ Cowtipper days and is proof of the fact that you can tip a cow and live to tell the tale.

For booking or enquiries:  Rick Hunt 0408 830 728

Tombstone String Band
Diana, Terry, Jeri and Rick at the fleurieu folk festival 2011 photo by I Fisk