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Wanetta's Country Plus comprised: See Country Plus for the Lineup without Wanetta.

WANETTA GARNAUT - Lead Vocals & Harmonies.
From Para Hills, Wanetta began singing with two consecutive, and very popular, bands as a teenager in Canada and performed in concert and on National Television.  She moved to Australia and resumed her career in S.A.  Her unique vocal inflection is most suited to songs by such artists as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn & Hank Williams.
On Tuesday April 17, 2007 Wanetta suffered a massive heart attack. On April 24, Wanneta lost her fight for life. Her funeral was held on Thursday 3rd May 2007 at 1.30pm Folland Chapel. Enfield Memorial Park, her friends overflowed the chapel!

DAVE WATTS Lead Guitar/ Harmony Vocals
From Templars, Dave has supported many top Artists in England, France and Australia. He has had a long association with, and has a great 'feel' for Country music and is also an excellent lead guitarist encompassing varied styles of music.

TREVOR DENTON - Bass Guitar/ Harmony Vocals
From Lewiston, Trevor has over 20 years experience playing Bass Guitar in Country bands, from backing Talent Quests in S.A. & Tamworth, to working with such names as Beccy Cole & Kym Warner.  He has also backed artists such as Craig Giles, Jimmy Little, Brian Letton, Carol Sturtzel, Trev Warner and many more.  His Country style of playing adds drive to the Classic Country sound of Wanetta's Country Plus.

PETER HARTMAN - Drums/Vocals
From Highbury, Peter is a keen, dedicated drummer who has had many years of experience playing with 60/40, Country & Jazz bands. Peter has backed many well-known artists and although he is predominantly a drummer, he also has a good country voice.

IRISH DAN - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals.
Well known and popular on local country/folk scene, Irish Dan was a member of the band a number of years ago and has been back in the current line-up for some time.

As the name suggests, we play much more than country music incorporating some rock, swing, pop and even a touch of western. We are prepared to travel and have performed throughout South Australia and Interstate.

The Band outside the Adelaide Country Music Club July 2005
Irish Dan

All Pictures by I Fisk