Greg Bunnett

At the mention of this name most people think "Absolutely Amazing Guitarist", but that's not all.

The second thought is what an Amazing Man!

Making his home in Crystal Brook, Greg has been in the music industry for some 30+ years, and has a wealth of experience under his belt. Picking up a guitar at the age of 10yrs old, Greg knew he wanted to play. Little did he know or probably expect to be recognized for his great guitar ability. Playing with a lot of big names, some of which include, Barry Thornton on numerous occasions, has backed Lee Kernaghan and Adam Harvey, and has loaned his guitar to Phil Emmanuel for his show. Plus too many to mention. Just ask and he will humbly rattle off many great artists of past and present.

Starting out in a band covering rock through to blues and don't forget country, which he took up in (82). He can play just about anything. He is a permanent member of the Graeme Hugo & Ironbark Band (94) and this sees him playing all over the country. Over the years they have done many fundraisers for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. As well as performing at the "Tamworth On Parade" Showcase at the Homebush Stadium as Graeme's MD (musical director).

You would think that this would keep him busy enough but he still has the time, which he so readily gives, to help out a swag of other people, some starting out and some old pro's, by either teaching guitar or playing either lead or bass for them as they start out on their quest to become Professionals. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the music industry Greg is an expert in teaching guitar which has seen him teach all over the place including the St Mark's college Pt Pirie and Redhill Primary. Much of it for charity.

This is not where his expertise stop he is an inspiration and great encouragement, with his ability to motivate and build one's confidence. During his time with Graeme Hugo and Ironbark, Greg has been given the title of "MD" Musical Director, this means he is responsible for all band members learning new songs when backing and getting everyone organized.

It is not uncommon for Greg to get called up on stage at last minute to "help out", which is yet another of his many talents, to play songs he has never heard and still do them with incredible ease. Another of his abilities is harmony which he regularly does when playing in Ironbark as well as throwing in a few lines of harmony whilst playing for others.

This is not where his talent stops by any means, with Greg's insight into people and the country he has written and co-written approximately 20 great songs, some of which have been recorded by other people 1 reaching the top 5 in the CCMA Song writing competition, another getting 3rd in the Tasmanian and New Zealand songwriting competition with his song "Total Eclipse Of The Sun".

He has also over the years judged many a festival and only stopped doing it due to the fact that he had so many people which he taught entering that he seen it fairer to leave it to some-one who had no conflict of interest. This again solidifies what a man of integrity, honesty and kindness, he is.

Greg is married to Sue, who has been very supportive of his music. Along with his Mum Letty and Daughter Jess.

Always furthering his abilities he is often found practicing a new style or chord formation, just to challenge himself. As if he could get any better. Greg is a man of many talents but is not one to boast, he is a humble man with a heart of Gold, so we that know him have put together this little bio as a thank you for his dedication to music and the people. Thanks Greg!!

The above words kindly sent by one of the many artists that Greg has assisted.

At SACCM Showcase Nov 2006 Greg was awarded the Industry Award!

Greg Can be contacted on: 0402 158 315


Gregg at Hugo's Place Dec 2004

Scanned Photo and Photo by Tracey Rains

Greg with his SACCM Industry Award taken by Karen O'Brien
at the Taminga Hotel on Dec 10, 2006