Country Junction

About Country Junction

Band Members:

Trev & John are also members of the Bluegrass Junction Band.

Mark is well known throughout Australia through country & contemporary music, having played in bands with Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, and many of Australia’s top country acts.

Carl, who is an excellent vocalist and guitar player, together with Trev & Mark are members of the band “Kilkenny”.

Carl and Mark are also in the fallen saints

Trev Warner: 08 8337 4200 or

Trev at Lake Charlegrark 06 (photo by I Fisk) and John (photo by Paul Thompson)

Carl, Mark and Trev ('Kilkenny') at the Torrens Arms Hotel, Mitcham
Photo by Frankie Baker June 06)

The Pinky, Mark, Trev and John at the ACMC February 2009 (photo by I Fisk)