Heather Thiele

Growing up amongst a family of musicians and entertainers it was inevitable that music would play an important part in Heather Thiele’s life. Her Auntie Lorraine and Uncle Len Wakefield were well known country music entertainers, who along with her mother, created an environment where she was encouraged to develop her love of singing.

In her teens, Heather performed at RSL Sunday morning shows with her mum Betty Thiele on guitar and her brother Geoff on drums. Here, she met the ‘Scott Brothers’, who encouraged her to perform with other artists . By the age of 19 she had joined the late Howard Michael’s group ‘Lovable Brass’, performed at various floorshows throughout Adelaide and appeared on Johnny Mac’s Country Style a number of times from 1969.

It was during her time on Country Style that Heather met Carole Sturtzel. They met again at the Marion Hotel when Heather was invited to perform there. At this time Heather met Val Brook and a strong friendship and mutual respect between the three entertainers quickly developed.

Throughout the years Heather has performed on Adelaide Tonight, the Bob Francis Show and at the Tower Hotel, the Feathers Hotel and on the Showboat. She then spent a wonderful twelve years with the band ‘Mix’d Bizness’.
Together on stage once again, Carole, Val and Heather are performing as ‘Country Ladies’.

Heather at the Sing a Song for Georgia Benefit April 30 2006

Heather at the Railroad CM Club June 2009

Heather with Carole Sturtzel and Val Brook and Wild Oats (Dave, ? and Wayne)
at the Railroad CM Club June 2009

Pictures by I Fisk