Tru Country

The Band, TRU COUNTRY, was formed at the first of the year (2015) to enhance the great Traditional Country Music that everyone loves and appreciates in the country music family.

We pride ourselves on the true country music that we play and perform each week and to please the audiences that we perform for. We think that anyone that likes country music will love TRU COUNTRY as we strive to continue to promote Country Music in South Australia and the Country. Come and enjoy some good old Country music with us at a venue near you.

We are available for all types of country music music clubs, private parties and social events.

Gary Daniel 0433 933 304 or
Denis Gore 0417 882 080

The Members are:-

Gary Daniel on guitar and vocals

Gary Daniel on Facebooik

Gary Daniel
Denis Gore - lead guitar Denis Gore
Trevor Denton - bass guitar Trevor Denton
Gary Standley - drums Gary Standley
Tru Country
At the Kilburn RSL Country Music Function Mar 22 2015 by Ian Fisk