Carole Sturtzel

Carole Sturtzel has for many years been called the ‘Queen of Country Music’ in SA. When you look at her career highlights and achievements it fast becomes obvious that the title is well deserved and in fact she was officially crowned at Barmera in 1994.

Carole started her career in 1961, when only the best survived, and fourty years later she can still bring a house down. The Carole Sturtzel story started in 1961 when she joined a band called ‘Tremors’ and began working around Adelaide. She had studied calisthenics, piano and drama so she was no stranger to the stage.

Her father, Max was an accomplished tap dancer and an excellent crooner so she also had genetic support.

In 1962 she met and sang with the ‘Penny Rockets’ and this led to her joining ‘Woodies Teen Time’ on NWS 9. This show was the start on a long and distinguished career on TV which included regular appearances on Country and Western Hour, Adelaide Tonight, Bandstand, Seventeeners, Stairways, Childrens Show, Action with Bob Francis, Barry Ion Show, Country Style and many others.

Carole still plays from time to time with her band "Wild Oats".

Carole has been inducted into the Avenue of Honour at Barmera (1991)and the Hands of Fame Park in Tamworth (2000) with her daughter Beccy Cole.

Carole and Beccy work together whenever possible and have had a nomination in Tamworth for their colaboration ‘Mother Knows Best.’

Music Minder website also has a profile on Carole - plus many other artists. (the website does not appear to be up and going in June 2009)

Carole with Grandson Ricky and daughter Beccy Cole at Barmera 2001 (Picture by I Fisk)

Carole with "Not the Andrews Sisters" at Showcase 2004
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Picture supplied by Carole for her SCMC
appearance Sept 07

Beccy Cole and Carole at Southern CM Club Sept 07
Wild Oats

The line-up has varied over the years. Carole’s success has been well covered in various publications.

Dave Brogden has been their main drummer for a good 10 years and is sought after by others bands (appearing regularly with, big Jim Hermel) and it’s no wonder with his incredible style. Wayne Cheary on bass is new boy on the block, coming from 'Billy Tea' and other country, bush and rock bands and brings a new sound to Wild Oats (bass player Billy Pfeiffer retired from the band a couple of years ago).

(more details in the Adelaide Country Music Club Country Call newsletter VOL 19.4)

Dave, Carole and Wayne at the ACMC Aug 2008

Heather Theile with Carole Sturtzel and Val Brook and Wild Oats (Dave, ? and Wayne)
at the Railroad CM Club June 2009